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The Best Dive Sites of the "Cannibal Islands"

Diving over soft corals in Fiji - photo courtesy of Mike Greenfelder

With its picturesque islands in the heart of the South Pacific, crystalline waters and exceptionally hospitable locals it is little wonder that Fiji is close to the top of many divers' 'To Do' list. Read on for details of the dive sites you can explore from our Fiji liveaboard cruises and dive resorts.

Fiji is an amazing tourist destination and, for several reasons, a better bet than some of its neighbours: it is easy to get to, English is widely spoken and it has quite a reliable domestic airline making it easy to get around. Some of the scuba diving is simply magnificent and Fiji deserves its title of 'soft coral capital of the world'. There are many parts of the Fiji islands where diving is advertised, but the quality ranges from world-class to very poor, so you need to make sure you are considering the best places within the country.

The top destinations of Fiji are also really varied, so you need to choose what type of adventure you want. From soft coral splendour of Taveuni and Bligh Water to the current-fed pelagic fun of the Koro Sea, and the southern island of Kadavu to the shark diving action of Pacific Harbour, we have all the best of Fiji for you here ...

The Fijian Dive Destinations

The famous Somosomo Strait in the north, accessed from Taveuni, is the place of big pelagics and where incredibly colourful soft corals dominate the view. It is home to the highly rated sites of Rainbow Reef and the Great White Wall. This area can be dived both from holiday resorts or by liveaboard safari.

The nutrient-fed channel of Bligh Water and surrounding picturesque islands of Koro, Wakaya and Namena in the Koro Sea is Fiji's best claim as a world class dive destination and is a prime adventure cruising ground for liveaboards.

Kadavu Island offers the real Fijian experience topside, and healthy, colourful reefs below the surface where those who want to get away from it all, without compromising the quality of diving, will be richly rewarded. Easily the best diving destination in southern Fiji, you can explore the rugged untamed reefs of Kadavu's Great Astrolabe Reef where mantas play over vast fields of pristine hard corals.

As well as having a truly awesome shark feeding dive for more experienced scuba divers and thrill seekers, Viti Levu's sites are the easiest to access when you arrive in Fiji, and resorts are normally only an hour or two's drive from Nadi whether you go to the north coast area of Rakiraki or the south coast's Pacific Harbour.

The world renowned Beqa Lagoon offers some pretty handy resort diving, close to Fiji's main island. The Lagoon has bommies and pinnacles, and a good variety of marine life, which will be popular with less experienced divers and those with little time on their hands.

So if you want big fish action, macro-delights, pristine coral or adventurous liveaboards, Fiji promises it all, and there is always a warm Fijian welcome waiting for you:

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The Fiji Dive Season

Although you can dive here all year round, the best diving in Fiji is from April to October. November to January tend to see the most rainfall, with the rainy season officially extending into March. Prime visibility is during the winter months of July to September when the surface can be a little choppy and potentially as cool as 22°C. During the November to April summer months the water temperature can reach a balmy 30°C.

How to Get There

There are flights into Fiji direct from Australasia, North America and Asia. You can fly from cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Christchurch, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Seoul. Most flights land in Nadi, although some from Australasia land in Suva.

If you are staying in Viti Levu an overland taxi or bus will be needed and most likely provided by your resort. Similarly if your liveaboard departs from Lautoka or Rakiraki transport will be provided. Onward flights are needed for people staying in resorts in Taveuni or Kadavu and for liveaboard guests departing from Suva (optional, can be by road), Taveuni or Savusavu.

Fiji Reef Basics

Great for: Large animals, visibility, beginner divers
Not so great for: Wreck dives
Depth: 5 - >40m
Visibility: 15 - 40m
Currents: None to rip-roaring
Surface Conditions: Mostly calm but can be choppy during July to September
Water Temperature: normally 28 - 30°C
Experience Level: Beginner - advanced
Number of dive sites: >150
Access: Resorts and liveaboards
Recommended length of stay: 2 - 3 weeks

More detailed information on the islands different destinations:

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