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Taveuni, Kadavu, Viti Levu and Beqa Islands

Fiji is one of the world's dream destinations with fabulous beaches, tranquil lagoons and wonderful local people and is considered by many to be the pinnacle of South Pacific charm. However for scuba divers, you need to know where to go since the diving in Fiji ranges from the fantastic to disappointing. We focus on the top resort diving regions of the country to ensure your vacation experience lives up to expectations.

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Taveuni Island

Many resorts in Fiji have great beaches for early morning strolls - photo courtesy of Fiji Visitors Bureau

Fiji's claim to being the 'Soft Coral Capital of the World' is based mostly on the dive sites of Taveuni in the Somosomo Strait in the north of Fiji, with world-famous spots such as The Great White Wall and Rainbow Reef.

The 'Garden Island' is a lush, tropical region with a variety of holiday resorts on its western shore. Some properties such as the Garden Island Resort are very close to the Somosomo Strait offering easy access to the best known dive sites and enjoy the privilege of having the world-famous Rainbow Reef on its doorstep. These accommodations can vary from the affordable and popular, to the more quiet and luxurious. Alternatively you can choose to stay further south where the sites are less populated by divers but equally appreciated by those who visit there from the the exclusive Paradise Taveuni Resort.

Kadavu Island

If you want the feeling of scuba diving on virgin reefs on a remote island in the South Pacific then accept no substitute - Kadavu is the place, and island to the south of the main island of Viti Levu. It is home to the Great Astrolabe Reef, famed for its pristine hard corals, steep hard coral drop-offs and pelagics ... Read more on diving in Kadavu.

Kadavu is in many ways a look back at a simpler time. This mountainous island has few roads and is best navigated by boat. However, that does not mean the resorts are very basic. There are no large fancy places to stay but small eco-friendly hideaways with rugged frontier diving just a few minutes away. Here you can choose to stay on the north of the island at such as Kadavu Matana Beach Resort which means mostly visiting Kadavu's fringing reefs. Here the diving is easy and the sites beautiful.

Viti Levu and Beqa Island

Although the best diving in Fiji is found in the outer islands, you may not wish to take a domestic flight but prefer to find somewhere here on the main island where there is a higher number of accommodations. If that is the case then Pacific Harbour and the Beqa Lagoon are your best bet, since international flights come and go from Nadi and Suva on Viti Levu. You can find action and adventure at Uprising Beach Resort, a beachside property for the young and active, or take the one hour boat ride to the island of Beqa to stay in Beqa Lagoon Resort where you can dive some local spots and make shark dives.

Many accommodations here call themselves dive resorts but in truth the diving, particularly along the Coral Coast can be disappointing. But that is certainly not true of the shark action at Pacific Harbour. There is one thing you simply must do if you are to see the best of Fiji, that is to experience the thrilling shark dive on offer. Stay at any of our resorts here and you can witness the hand-feeding of many and varied sharks from young pups to huge jaw-dropping monsters ...

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Fiji Resort Diving Specifics

Stunning views are the norm at resorts in Fiji - photo courtesy of Barbara Kraft - Wakaya Rresort

Fiji offers everything from top-of-the-range luxury resorts to simple, no-frills diving operations. The recommendations we make are based on extensive fact finding trips. This means that you can avoid the vacation pitfalls of the uninformed. You won't find yourself paying prices higher than nearby superior accommodations charge - a common complaint from first time visitors. We provide quality, value and choice so that you can select the destination and a place to stay that is right for you whatever your budget or time constraints.

Fiji dive resort package prices:
Are normally based on two sharing and normally include dives, accommodation, all meals, non-alcoholic drinks, transfers, weights and weight-belts, tanks, divemasters, and all taxes. However, as each holiday differs, please see the individual packages for exact details of what's included in each package. Your shortlist quote will include no 'hidden extras'.

We recommend that all our customers take out insurance to cover diving and travel activities, including trip cancellation. See our insurance programme for a competitive quote.

Getting there:
The starting point for most guests is Nadi on Viti Levu, although some international flights do arrive to Suva, also on the main island. Domestic flights from Nadi to either Taveuni or Kadavu are necessary if you want to visit the higher quality, remote sites of Fiji. Transfers to the accommodations from these airports are provided by your dive resort.

Pacific Harbour can be reached by bus from Nadi or Suva, although transfers can be arranged at additional cost. If you are staying at Beqa Island, transfers from either airport are included in your package. RakiRaki is over 2 hours drive away from Nadi by taxi or bus, which we can arrange for you.

Dive The World rating system:
The customer rating displayed for each of our Fiji resorts is an indication of our customers' satisfaction. 5 star is excellent, 4 star is very good, 3 star is good, 2 star is average, and 1 star is below average. We ask each and everyone one of our customers to rate their scuba diving package, and the rating earned by each is an average of the ratings received from our customers over the past season. That way, we ensure that our ratings and recommendations are truly impartial and reflect up to date performance based on the most important indicator - your satisfaction!

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