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Fiji Scuba Diving Opportunities

Dive in Taveuni, Kadavu and the Koro Sea

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Diving in Fiji
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Why waste hours scouring dozens of websites? You'll discover information for Fijian diving vacations in Taveuni, Kadavu, Bligh Water, Viti Levu shark dives and Beqa Lagoon - across the Koro Sea!

Fiji conjures up images of white sandy beaches fringed with coconut trees, romantic moonlit walks along the shore, and the beaming smiles of locals as you join in their fireside songs. For years Fiji has epitomised South Pacific island charm.

Now the Fijian islands are well established as a great destination for divers too, with locations such as the Somosomo Strait, Taveuni, Kadavu and Bligh Water all growing in stature among the dive community. While Fiji promises a variety of attractions including pelagics, sharks, barrier reefs and wall diving, it is for the spectacular colour of the reefs that Fiji is known as 'The Soft Coral Capital of the World'.

In recent years, more and more scuba divers are visiting and being impressed by what Fiji has to offer. Plenty of sharks and pelagics may be impressive, but nothing new to seasoned divers. However, when combined with clean clear water, effective environmental policies that assure vibrant reefs and healthy fish populations, and its Pacific island atmosphere, Fiji's attraction is obvious.

Fiji is also an easy place to visit given that English is widely spoken and the local people are always welcoming to tourists and happy to help if needed. Although it is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it is also a surprisingly well connected with several direct flights including from USA, Australasia, Hong Kong and Korea. If you are wondering where to dive next and looking for somewhere different, think Fiji!

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